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Friday, March 15, 2002 :::
Hmm...this one is my's for my baby...wherever you're...

::: posted by Aizza at 6:15 AM

I'm back! and I'm still furious with MORONamus who have voted off their strongest member. What the hell are they thinking? Going to merge with weaklings? Too bad...that is just the worst and stupidest decision they have ever made. So what's all left to MB to change Gina's fate....before it's too late...whatever it is, I don't give a damn anymore about thos Morons...and I'm betting on ZOE to be the SOLE survivor this time...yeahhhh!! that'd be soooo cool!!

::: posted by Aizza at 5:49 AM

Tuesday, March 12, 2002 :::
This is my second post today...saja je....lagipun this on different subject, hmmm..this time it's about Hunter from S4, kesian la kat dia tu...dahlah masuk group yg tak best asyik kalah je each IC, and now he's maybe facing the BOOT...yelah apalagi kalau tak disebabkan si Sarah yg mengada² tu....anyway, I'm not betting on him wo win it all...rasa²nya final four would be from the Rotu...Tammy, Gabe, Zoe and John...most of them have less airtime in these earlier episodes and are basically tough enough to last for 39 days there.....hmmm kenapa kali ni dah takde contest call-in ye...kalau idak boleh cuba gak...untung² dapat t-shirt ke..jadikla...hehehe...:)

::: posted by Aizza at 5:17 AM

Hmm...finally I've got my Action Sampler...though I terribly wanted the Cyber Sampler at first...tapi nak wat mcm mana dah takde choice, pelik betul la mcm mana camera yg masih dlm kotak boleh bercalar lak tu...anyway, it's been a week and I've just finished taking my first roll of lomographs, out of 24 cuma 14 je yg jadi....not bad, but of all the lomographs cuma 3-4 je yg kiranya OK la....anyway takpe...this is just my first trial at the ActionSampler....maybe I should've listened to the advanced lomographer's advices...action + lights....that's what makes the lomographs simply better! So if you're interested to check out my first few out this space for the link!

::: posted by Aizza at 5:06 AM

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