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Thursday, February 28, 2002 :::
Just got back from Puduraya, hantar my parents balik kampung. Thank God, there was no traffic jams, the parking was easy...but the worst thing is the humidity in Pudu itself...rasa mcm nak suffocated je...bila la diaorg nak do something! ckp je...anyway, one thing so kelakar happened to me, and I just couldn't believe I actually did that till now. It goes like this: this morning at 10.30 am after balik dr temankan my mom gi toilet, my dad bagitau bas dah they decided to go down the platform, and I just grabbed the closest green bag to my mom not knowing it wasn't theirs...just imagine the horror look on the bag's owner....this old lady just pulled back the bag strongly as if I really intend to steal that mom, dad and hubby burst out in laughters! And I was totally embarassed by the incident, couldn't even speak any word of apology to the makcik...but my dad managed some explanation that their bags actually do look alike and it was just a simple mistake of SILLY now it's confirmed I'm the total KLUTZZZ in my family!!!! hahahaha!!!!

My new wanted list:
1. LOMO CyberSampler (that'd be in chrome!)
2. A new shoes that goes with my new jeans (Vincci sales is ON this month!)
3. A new bag that will go with my new jeans (Flowerdrum bags would be nice!)
4. A new top that will go nicely with my new jeans (anything flowery!)
5. A new glasses with big frame to go with my new jeans!!

::: posted by Aizza at 5:17 AM

Monday, February 25, 2002 :::
People will go at any length to get babies....I'm not sure I'll do the same...D & C procedure...someone brought this up in my online community yesterday; and from what i gathered it was the procedure to clean up the "driveway" to your vagina! Arghh! The diagram....I'm totally spooked by it, no way I'm going to let any doctor to do that to me.....Anyway I'm hoping everything will go well to my dear friend're my inspiration! good luck....
Anyway, anyone knows any good tukang urut?? (^_^) I'm no longer standingstill letting any chances pass me's time to do something!

::: posted by Aizza at 5:51 PM

Survivor 4 is going to start soon; and the betting odds are getting place any day gak ni, seems like S4 gonna be hit with the guys...hehehe...why? because they gonna have babes in bikini by the beach this time...isn't it grrreat! hahahaha!!! ;)
it's not that S2 and S3 is just doesn't have the "clean, dreamy, beachy" look to it, besides S3 everyone was just a bit bitchy and I couldn't even bring myself to like any one of them....anyway couldn't wait for the premiere this friday! hopefully it was as good as the first one....and i'm betting on TAMMY to win it all, the crime!!! a Richard Hatch in the making hope so....;)

::: posted by Aizza at 5:47 PM

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